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December 8, 2019

I have this idea that I want to share with all my friends and readers. Lately, I have been reading and coming across some amazing things that are going on in our world. Some things I already knew a little about and somethings I never even heard of. So my idea is to share on my blog the things I am reading and some of the thoughts and ideas I am coming across out there in the world. This blog will not be constrained by boundaries of left or right or right or wrong, or Manichaeism or anything for that matter. It will be personal thoughts and observations that I have and that you have and or willing to share with me and others. So many of my great friends are among the brightest and caring people in the world and I am sure they will have a lot to share. I am sure my friend Ed will be full of interesting knowledge and quite capable of directing us to several great places of knowledge and interest. And I am certain that my children and my wife will definitely continue to enlighten me with wonderful information and resources that will help me to better understand the world.

   You see my goal for this blog is not simply to share information and personal perspectives on life, but it is a much grander one. I want to help change our world.

   One of the things I have been thinking about lately is the feeling of uneasiness that I have concerning the current widening of the two major political parties in our country. In some ways, it seems that we are experiencing an ever-increasing degree of intolerance. If any of you are concerned or interested in this topic I will share with you a couple of people and books I have come across that have helped me. I would also like to ask Anja, one of my friends and readers to share with all of us in my next blog, a personal experience relating to this topic

   One last note: The books or website and articles I am posting are not ones that I necessarily agree or disagree with, but I find them all worthy of reading for the knowledge that they impart that has helped me to get a better understanding of people that may see the world in a different way than me. Let’s begin this journey together now. Please send any comments or anything on any topic you personally feel are important to share.

Thanks, Wes

Book: The righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt (one of my closet friends, Gary, introduced this book to me. I am grateful to him for it)

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Karen Stenner (Political psychologist & behavioral economist)



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